Monday, April 27, 2015

Reverse the scroll on your Dell laptop touchpad

When messing around with my laptop that I normally have attached to a dock, I noticed that it wasn't acting like my other main laptop. The scrolling on the touchpad was going in the opposite direction of the way that I am used to. I like to scroll on the touchpad in the same direction as the page scrolls. Some call that way opposite but it comes naturally to me so.... I needed to change it!

After doing some research on the web, I found the best solution was to not think of it as a Dell product, think of it as an Alps product, which it is. It uses software called Apoint to render what is done in the physical world to the digital world through the touchpad.

Using this new found knowledge, it pointed me to a location in the Registry:


Find the key that says InvertScrollFlag and change the 3 to a 0 and reboot. Simple!

I have an E6540 but I would imagine that any dell laptop that uses the Dell Touchpad control software this would work on:

Happy Scrolling!

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