Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Barracuda Web Filter 310 New enhancements?

Apparently, and I'm not sure when this went into effect, but there is an area under Block/Exempt-Applications that allows/disallows certain programs and/or protocols.

Well, a few months ago, email started to not flow in so in troubleshooting, I found that the web filter was causing this issue so I took it out of the chain and everything seemed to flow again. I left it out for a few weeks and tried to put it back in, thinking it was a cache issue or something bogging the filter down and with a couple weeks out of commission, we would be ok. Negative.

I had a chance to turn it on this past weekend and call barracuda if everything wasnt ok, so I did. And I called. Well the tech said he has seen this before so.....

By selecting the UnAuthenticated dropdown in the top right, I was able to see that all protocols were being blocked when they were unauthenticated, which email and all my SNMP traps were. I allowed all protocols while being UnAuthenticated and we are back in business.

Yeah. Wow.

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