Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SUA1500RM2U clicking

I bought a rack mountable APC unit for all my machines to plug into. Its been very nice. Saved me a bunch of times. I have a LOT of stuff plugged into it but it still has barely a load registering.

Since i have had my AC on, it has been doing a lot of clicking, going back and forth between On Battery and On Line. the past week, it was doing it so much that it drained the batteries and then subsequently shut off which then shut everything plugged into it off. Not good. So, after some troubleshooting with a buddy, we came to the conclusion that it wasnt getting enough juice off the circuit. We believe the amps were dropping and the devices i have plugged into it, even tho they were shoing a major load, they were at the threshold of amps that that thing can sustain.

We are going to run a dedicated circuit to it and ill post results.

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