Thursday, May 20, 2010


I just found that on a 2008 WHS server, this service eats up all available memory and then the machine crawls. I havent been able to find anything on it so I decided to resurrect my old blog site and post this stupid stuff.

Apparently ending the task just makes new ones start up and in a few days, its back to full memory usage. It might be a bug since this software is still in beta (VAIL), but i tried something last night that I hope will fix it. Lots of services that start up use this EXE file for calling other programs. This one in particular is the Windows Host Service Provider A and Provider B. Youll find these services in the service list. You can stop them and it appears that the HSBS processes that use up all the memory go away.

I do not know the long term effects of stopping these services but it has to be better than your drives failing because they are constantly doing something.

I plan on buying this software when it comes out. Its pretty slick. Leaps and bounds over WHS v1 (built on server 2003 tech).

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